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As the Lightning Network continues to develop at shocking speed, not all wallets are on the bleeding edge of this technology. Some only read invoices, some don't read lightning addresses while others do it all. It's a confusing situation for early adopters of value 4 value content tipping . And to make matters worse, various devices and browsers may all behave differently in how they call up wallets. Alby is the bees knees, and has done some amazing work in enabling value 4 value tipping on platforms like YouTube and Twitter, as well as personal websites. Unfortunately, Alby isn't available currently on mobile devices and if a user doesn't have Alby they may never know your website is enabled to use their browser plugin (but you should definitely be using it!) Between YouTube breaking clickable links, WordPress rendering lightning: links incorrectly, and spotty compatibility on some devices with any workaround, it became clear there needs to be a simpler solution.

In the process of building out PoultryProjects.com (probably the first bulletin board style to make v4v a part of the experience) much frustration and gnashing of teeth occurred. It should be simple and easy to offer a tip button or link to folks who value your input. So the goal was set. Easy links that can be shared everywhere, compatibility with all devices and wallets and a user friendly experience your grandma would enjoy. We're still in the development phase, so there may be some bugs, but please let us know so that they can be addressed!

What does it do?

When you generate a new free-ish tip link (can unlocked for 1 sat to weed out the bots and scammers if needed) you will be able to enter an LNURL address into a form, and create a customized short web address at free.ittybitty.tips/yourname. This link can be shared just about anywhere, and will open to a small page that simplifies getting you your satoshis. This is currently supported by a few unobtrusive ads to help keep the lights on in IttyBittyTown, but premium shorter links with an ad-free experience are in the works!

If a webln wallet is detected (Alby, Tippin, Joule, kwh, Blixt) it should automatically open up to a new payment dialog pre-set to send you sats. Some mobile wallets may also behave similarly and open right to the payment menu. If a wallet did not open, a link is provided to call it. But there is also a prominent and simple widget (crafted by some smart guys at Twentyuno) that allows an invoice to be generated for ANY lightning enabled wallet. All your tipper has to do is enter the amount of sats they wish to send, an optional note, and pay the invoice.

Many wallets will pay it on a click, but a QR code is also generated to make it easy to scan with a mobile device. They can even take a screenshot and send it to @LightningTipBot or open it in Wallet of Satoshi! All you have to do is share the link, it's never been easier for folks to send you Bitcoin Lightning.

Even Cash App, Strike or Exodus are compatible if they have or purchase a bitcoin balance.

Is it safe?

As cryptocurrency and money in general goes, Bitcoin Lightning is one of the most secure options available. But of course, it all comes down to how you manage it. We don't give financial advice, but keeping large sums in any wallet that's not self-custody is probably not wise. Luckily, lightning is fast and cheap to send to your other wallets!

The only data we need from you is your wallet's LNURL, and optionally a way to contact you. We don't touch, handle or have any part in moving your funds. They go straight from your tippers to you, we merely make it easy for you to make that direct peer-to-peer connection. Your LNURL is not your wallet, your keys, your money or a password. It's more like a mailing address for Satoshis, or a standing order at your local pub. It's simply a set of instructions that tells your tipper's wallet where to point the lightning bolts. All we do is make it easy to post, access and tip!

How do I share it?

Just post the link anywhere! YouTube profiles and channels, your Twitter bio, Instagram, community forums or anywhere you want people to know they can easily send you sats. It's that simple.

If you're on a desktop and you clicked the badge above you'll see the tip menu opens in a nicely pre-sized window that doesn't take you away from here. If you have a website or a blog, a little coding ingenuity can give you that fancy badge. On WordPress there will soon be an extension (currently in testing) available that does this effortlessly. Let us know if you need help integrating a badge on your site, and tell us know how you're sharing and using it! We'd love the feedback, and to show off your tip link.

Below is a small code that will get you something similar to Tip with Lightning Click Here if you replace "yourname" with the correct link extension.

<a href="https://ittybitty.tips/" onclick="window.open('https://free.ittybitty.tips/yourname', 
                          return false;">
<img src="https://ittybitty.tips/images/Pay_with_Lightning_Badge_Bolt_orange.svg" alt="Tip with Lightning Click Here" width="150" height="50"></a>

Wait! I have more questions....

Any questions, concerns, feedback or sats you want to send this way are more than welcome! Telegram is the fastest way to reach Josh, but you can also send an email to NotSo@IttyBitty.Tips

Please send a small Bitcoin payment via Lightning to enable comments.

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