While most wallets allow you to generate an LNURL natively, some do not have the function easily available. For the dedicated, there may be some recourse if you have an LNaddress (looks like an email address) associated with the wallet.

 Fiatjaf (an excellent resource on all things lightning) hosts a handy encoder/decoder on his lnurl playground that is included below. If the correct url string for a particular service is known, you can generate a usable LNURL. It may not provide all of the extra data to the tipper that a natively generated LNURL would. Photos, set tipping amounts and other details will not be available, but your name with the LNaddress server should appear on payment dialogs, and you should receive sats.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you test tip to your generated LNURL from another wallet to be certain it functions before you create a tipping link with it!

You'll need to enter a proper URL into the top box, and then click "Parse". This utility can also be used to decode LNURLS. Use at your own risk!

Known working LNaddress services
(If you get others to work, please message me on telegram!)

"yourname" will be used in place of whatever username comes before @ in your ln address.

Lightning Tip Bot (@lightningtipbot on Telegram) - yourname@ln.tips

This one is mostly useless, as the bot will generate a much better native LNURL and QR by simply messaging it /lnurl. But it's fun to experiment with.


Alby - yourname@getalby.com

Alby is a really great browser extension that everyone should be using! They make tipping and value 4 value super easy, and many of the resources they provide helped this site become a reality. Unfortunately at the time I'm writing this (August 2022) natively generated LNURLS are not available. But I have used this method successfully.


Fountain.fm - yourname@fountain.fm

Fountain is by far my favorite podcast player, and that's because it allows you to boost and stream sats natively with your favorite creators on your mobile device. When you sign-up, you receive a lightning wallet with your username@fountain.fm. This wallet is not setup to tip outside of the Fountain platform, and the incoming wallet address is meant for loading sats to stream to podcasts, not for receiving outside tips. This one is super finicky, and not recommended except for as a learning exercise. You will probably find you have to receive a minimum of 500 sats to not get an error.