Want to generate your own (almost) free tip link? The generator may periodically be locked by a 1 satoshi paywall to prevent abuse and bots, but once you unlock it you'll have access to creating your own link at free.ittybitty.tips/. The free links are ad supported, which helps to keep this service operational. Ad-free links with the shorter ittybitty.tips/ will soon be available for a moderate fee, and we are considering a premium option that would allow you to have a customized landing page with your own links and ads to display for your tippers.

You will need a stable LNURL or LNURLp (LNURLS pay) code to create a link that is fully compatible. You will not want to use a lightning invoice (begins with lnbc) or an LNaddress that looks similar to an email address. That sounds super complicated, but it's really the hardest part of the whole thing!

There are many great mobile wallets available that allow you access to LNURLS. Wallet of Satoshi, Telegram Tip Bot, LNbits (with the LNURLp extension) and several others offer this. If you're having trouble get in touch with me and I'll help you out, and probably create a walk through.

If you use @LightningTipBot on Telegram, just send the bot the following command:


Be sure to leave the "lightning:" tag at the beginning of your LNURL entry. This will allow some devices to better recognize a lightning address.
The tipping link option will become your personal short code. There will be a WordPress extension released in the future, that will only require this portion of your code to function.

You are encouraged to provide a means of contacting you in the email spot, whether it be email, phone number, or telegram username. If there are issues with your link, we need to be able to reach out, and if you ever need to modify or remove a link, we will need this information to verify who you are.

Please send a small Bitcoin payment via Lightning to enable comments.

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