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What on earth is this, anyway?!

Purchase an ad-free Itty Bitty Tipping link

An automated solution will be implemented in the future, but this is the current custom lightning order form for the ad-free tiplinks at ittybitty.tips/yourname.

Please provide the LNURL you will be using to receive tips, as well as 3 possible vanity URL extensions you desire, in order of preference, in the Lightning payment comment box. The first available option will become your ittybitty.tips/ suffix. Additionally provide an email address or Telegram ID to receive notice of order fulfillment, or in case additional information is needed.

A properly formatted order comment will look something like:


Bob would likely get an email back in 3 days or less with a tipcode like "ittybitty.tips/iluvsats"

Note that the price is currently set at 25000 sats (Roughly $5 USD as of 8/2022) You will recieive a confirmation message after successful payment.

Please contact Josh on Telegram, or email notso@ittybitty.tips with any issues or special requests.

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Contact Josh through email or Telegram for a quote.